Dream Journal: The Move

Posted on May 20th, 2013

There was desperation in the move that was taking place. The skies were dark but the buildings and streets were all visible, though I don’t recall there being lamps of any sort.  There was a stone church, tucked away in an alleyway, with a steeple that extended high above the surrounding buildings. I was rushing up the stairs to the ladder that climbed the steeple: there was a very inconvenient storage chamber up there. I was tremendously unprepared.  Several friends, following close behind, had shown up to help me, though they could only stay a short while as they themselves were also needing to get out of town.  I knew my tent and sleeping bag were in there a midst several unorganized boxes of valuable stuff, and that I would need those wherever I was going.   Once reaching the top of the steeple, we looked out, the entire environment was swaying,  I realized that although I felt stable, it was the steeple swaying, and had to assure my friends that it was safe.  I told them, “that’s just what it does all the time.”  Sean Riley was looking over the edge of a railing at the swaying environment & smiling. I’ve dreamt this church before, the swaying steeple, the ominous tense atmosphere. The situation was familiar, comforting.

I opened the door to the storage chamber, it was musty and smelled of damp cardboard.  I began rifling through the boxes looking for my tent.  Down below in the alleyway, there was a large figure approaching the church (whirling lines of energy, not unlike the Tasmanian Devil, but with more of a humanoid form).  When encountering a person, it would lift them up and shake them until the bond between their cells broke…something like that, I’m unsure of the science…they just fell apart. Also, this monster was my child and was desperately looking for me.

There was a 16 wheeler involved.  I think it was supposed to meet us and haul my stuff, and somehow act as a defense strategy, intercepting the whirling energy lines creature. An agent of some sort, a familiar entity, was driving….I’m fuzzy on the details.  The truck never reached us, it went off the road just out of town, and headed into alfalfa fields (a trail of mud and smoke rose into the air behind it).  The green of the alfalfa was lush and deep in the glowy bluish light.