Posted on November 19th, 2012

Wolfgang Rottger (aka Spheroid, aka Morgen Wurde) is a talented sound artist/composer from Kiel, Germany. Oid is the result of a remote collaboration between him and myself way back in 2000, released in 2001. In the late 90′s early 00′s I was running a cdr label called Throat. He had sent me several intriguing ambient tracks: spacious stretchy liquid granular blippy loveliness, one of which ended up on Throat’s first compilation “Error Cycle” (which may be a future upload…) in 1999. Oid was a process which involved both of us sending source sounds to each other which were subsequently torn apart, stretched, manipulated into what ended up being these three final tracks. Wolfgang, under the name Morgen Wurde continues to produce some incredibly beautiful sounds which can be heard *here* [link].

Listen/download “Oid” *here* [link].


Posted on November 19th, 2012

Blown is a set of 4 compositions created between 2003 & 2004 originally released on a the French cdr label, Naninani, and was limited to 100 copies. Sounds which make up this recording were primarily collected throughout Oakland, CA using a mini disc recorder and a set of binaural mics as well as a thrift-store-find portable cassette recorder. Field recordings range from the 4th of July from atop a warehouse in west Oakland, to the wind blowing cracking/squeaking Eucalyptus trees in Joaquin Miller & Redwood Regional Parks.

An effort to misuse, investigate and transform language toward a more visceral state is an ongoing thread through a lot of the things I make, both visual and aural. This recording, “Blown” attempts to allow its title to function in all of its meanings at once: from the force behind a gentle indirect movement, to the result of a violent eruption, the word is used less as an adjective describing a specific state of something , and more as a body encompassing of a multiplicity of experience.

Listen/download “Blown” *here* [link].